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Fort Richardson 1973-1975

Fort Ord Art Gallery - Howard Ahner
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Fort Gordon 1973
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Submitted on March 23, 2007 10:53 AM EDT
Name: Howard Ahner

Email Address:
Comments; I hope this site gets going. I wouldn't mind seeing a lot of before and after pictures. Good luck to you all.
What years did you serve? I was there in October and November, 1972.
What company did you serve in? I don't remember, but SSGT Tabernella was our drill seargeant. I think Whittington was the platoon leader, acting.

What was your MOS? I turned out to be an MP. I studied at Fort Gordon and then went on to Fort Richardson, Alaska. I ETS'd in October 1974. I later finished college at CSUF, California State University, Fullerton, 1977.
Best Memory? The summer of 73 was great. I saw the northern lights twice. I was treated pretty decently.
Worst Memory? I didn't like the cold. We camped out in the snow once. I nearly froze. I heard some of the troops went into the tent where the sgt's were keeping warm. But, the worst memory has to be how one is treated when one leaves the ARMY. It's like you were never there.
What other activities did you do? I played a little basketball and tennis. I went to the library and checked out blues and rock and roll records. We took a boat to a lake once. There was really clear water. We were too high to worry about snagging a fish or two.


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