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Eikaiwa English Classes
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Halloween in Kawashima, Nobeoka Mai, the teacher of the day... Miyuki Chi Chiyo Okubo Ms. Yoshioka Minna Isshou! Janai? Nobeoka Sand Homeward Bound to Nobeoka I hope these notes on Nobeoka and Japan don't offend anyone. Kerry was here! Did you get a chance to talk to him? Howard's Other Homepages These pictures were taken by Shigetoshi. Ichimiya. This used to be where the Marusei Bookstore building was, but not anymore. Right On is a clothing chain store. I don't think it has much of a chance to stay open in Nobeoka. View from the third floor of the old Peare, Nobeoka...2004 Howard in front of Max Value, Nobeoka. Hyuga City has pretty manholes. Are you looking for an English teacher? I went to the Nobeoka firework show on my Honda Cub. It was easy to find a parking space. How nice it would be to be a junior high school student once again. Keiko Ahner teaches English at Peare and Midorigaoka Elementary. This what I remember about arriving in Nobeoka the first time. Nobeoka Bust I thought I might like to move to Urashiro, but my wife let me know that it was out of the question. I could be proud living in this house. Well, I picked them out of the Igai River, and I raised them from babies. I don't know which makes me feel better, a walk in the mountains or a long walk on a beach. I didn't draw these. I want to be clear about that. Sometimes I ride my Honda Cub through the mountains without wearing a helmet. Some people might call me a lucky man. "Attention! You are now entering civilization. Put on your gas mask, please." The Fire Dept. Says, "No fires anywhere in Japan." But, it's really on a case by case basis. I hope we don't have a fire in the Kami Igata neighborhood. When are the economic conditions of Nobeoka going to improve? How would you like to have smoke roll into your bedroom every morning and evening? This is a wonderful statue in Kadogawa. This statue is looking out over the Kadogawa Bay. Who is he? Have you seen "Stonehenge" in Kami Igata? She stole a kiss. This is my trusty old Honda Cub. I enjoy every hour I spend in Kitaura, Nobeoka. I once saw a figure of an owl on a house in Newport Beach. So, I wanted to display this one here. Who's the leader of the band that's made for you and me...?" Old Friends Ahner Nobeoka Link Happier Days on Nagahama Beach, Nobeoka Shouko Sensei of Kawaminami 2007 First Place Prize in Miyazaki, Japan 2006 Nanami Nobeoka Band Nobeoka Entertainment Seina A Sidewalk Cafe in Nobeoka Conducting in Nobeoka These shoes are made for walking out of Nobeoka. There is confusion about what to do about the HIMA in Nobeoka. The tides will soon be changing in Nobeoka for the better. Around Tsurugaoka (Nobeoka) Owls and Nobeoka Someone in Nobeoka Howard Ahner Makes it Clear! We should face our flag. Click on my picture to see some lure fishing in Nobeoka. He's a friendly guy in Nobeoka. Howard Ahner moved away from the smoke and smells of Kami Igata Cho, Nobeoka. Ask the English teacher to check your English sentences for mistakes. Two Nobeokers have their day in Miyazaki (September 17, 2006) Let's have a party at my house and speak English! Tel: 0982-34-5666 (In Nobeoka) Typhoon Shanshan An elementary school in Kitaura Machi... Keiko's Exhibition in Nobeoka - September 15 to the end of the month, 2006 Let's go on a trip to Los Angeles together. I could show you around. Tel: 0982-34-5666 Champion's Field, Nobeoka and Future Workers of Nobeoka, Let's Fight! Nobeoka September 15, 2006 For Onlookers Art Exhibition at Hanakokoro Gallery, Nobeoka - September 15-30, 2006-Call-0982-37-0806 11:59 AM, September 14, 2006 - Howard Ahner - Nobeoka Picturing Nobeoka Nobeoka, September 13, 2006 by Howard Ahner A house that we rejected, but it's just around the corner of our new house in Tsurugaoka. Japan is Expanding ! Let's drive together. We could drive around Kyushu and have some nice conversations. Tel: 34-5666 It's time for another Joke. Just help other people get the good feelings they want. "The first key to writing is not to think. Write with your heart. Editing comes later." Let's go fishing together. We could talk and fish, fish and talk... Tel: 0982-34-5666 "The secret to a woman's heart is an unexpected gift at an unexpected time." There used to be a movie theatre across from the old Azumaya where Joyfull now exists in Nobeoka. Kobato Starts Again in September, 2006 "You're hair is silver!" (shiruba-) Let's go on a long bicycle ride. We could communicate in English Tel: 0982-34-5666 Let's go on an ocean cruise together. We could have a wonderful time. Tel: 0982-34-5666 Close Encounters How would you like to receive my weekly E-mail on Nobeoka Topics? Tel: 0982-34-5666 or E-mail me: Ahner Keiko Link Heisei Nyuuenshiki 2008 Kawaminami Link Kawashima-Youchien Howard Ahner Howard Ahner Gokase River Eigo Nobeoka Ahner Eikaiwa
George came to Nobeoka once upon a time. Spoken English While Watching the Sun Set on the Gokase River in Nobeoka Fun at Igata Community Center, Nobeoka Long Time Students of Nobeoka English Peare Adults
Fun While Teaching English in Nobeoka Children have fun learning English in Nobeoka He liked to drink coke and listen to the taiko drummers play and watch the Gokase River in Nobeoka. Does anyone remember that suspension bridge off of the road to Takachiho? It's gone.

Ahner Eikaiwa Ahner Nobeoka Norman Tamura Kuroki Brothers First in Nobeoka Chika Ayana and Manami Yanagita LQHS Gym Mahou No Te, Nobeoka Hair Stylists At Okado Kouminkan, Nobeoka Top three tennis players at La Quinta High School in Westminster, California Mizuki Naomi and Mie 2005 2004 2005 Kami Igata 2006 Kirei Nobeoka Keiko Ahner's Paintings 2006 Other Homepages Ahner 1989 Santa Kitaura Keiko Ahner Mentioned Kawashima Youchien Halloween Kami Igata Frosted Kami Igata Icicled Nobeoka Snowmen Nobeoka Class Notes Kawashima Youchien Gifts Megane No Good in Minami Nobeoka Let's Walk Together and Speak English. Tel: 0982-34-5666 Nobeoka Winters Nobeoka Reflections Nobeoka Landscape Nobeoka New Year Santa Plays Jazz Keiko Ahner, Painter Hososhima Drive Chibi Soup Nobeoka Dental Puri Meron Gone Nobeoka Lights Around Nobeoka Peare Nobeoka La Quinta High, Westminster, California Howard Ahner DOB: February 20, 1952 Remember Sone of 2004 Nobeoka Skies Shaven Ahner Up With Nobeoka Sitting Snowman We Once Belonged Monday April 14, 2008 7:30-9:00 pm English Class Tel: 0982-34-5666 Monique Blais Jim Suzuki - Number One at La Quinta High School, Westminster, California - 1970 The Gates to Heaven My Class Ring from La Quinta High School, Westminster, California - 1970 These are the good times. We need to take better care of our earth. Howard Ahner couldn't eat or drink for over three months. Where can I find English classes in Nobeoka, Miyazaki, Japan? What kind of English does Howard Ahner teach in Nobeoka City, Japan? Ursula Junior College in Nobeoka - English Teacher Ursula Junior College, Japan Let's Go on Tozan to Taisekiji! Let's Chant Daimoku! I'll see you on Sun Road, Nobeoka! Some People I Know Happy New Year Party Kami Igata Videos Kami Igata Cho Can you eat Ayu? Whitey Handled, Ursula, and Takoyaki Shop Midorigaoka Takoyaki and Chicken Pumpkin Nobeoka Fireworks A Walk in the Rain Nobeoka Quite Nightly Some Girls I Met Ganbaro, Nobeoka! Howard is Six Years Old To All My Friends! Mahou No Te (Hair Salon in Nobeoka) Megane Good, Nobeoka (Minami) The Okubo's of Kami Igata Cho, Nobeoka, Miyazaki, Japan 2007 Ursula Junior College Mr. Toda Once Prayed in This Direction Beneficial Medicine for All Ills Bestowal of the Mandala of the Mystic Law Bodhisattva Hachiman Clear Sake Gosho Consecrating an Image of Shakyamuni Buddha Made by Shijo Kingo Conversation between a Sage and an Unenlightened Man Conversation between a Sage and an Unenlightened Man Curing Karmic Disease Earthly Desires Are Enlightenment Easy Delivery of a Fortune Child Encouragement to a Sick Person Ahner Eikaiwa Link JAPANESE-BASEBALL-STATIONARY-MIYANICHI-SHINBUN Beehives in Nobeoka Nobeoka-Greenery-March-29-2008 Sazanpia-March-29-2008 Plastic Flowers in Nobeoka Howard Ahner 301 N. Bewley Street, Santa Ana, California 92703 - From 1958 to 2008 We Met Howard Ahner's Art Work Nobeoka Talk Nagahama Clubhouse Old Things Nobeoka Chatter Ahner Eikaiwa Nobeoka - Tel: 0982-34-5666 Let's drive safely in Nobeoka, OK? Maho No Te in Nobeoka Sadowara Restaurant Erika Signs of Nobeoka surugaoka Kitchen Video Ichiro Tamura Sunrise in Nobeoka Tsurugaoka Rendition Improved Toilet Stapchuks! Igai River Fishes Ayu Akemashite! Takoyaki Nishishina Home Town with Sasaki Gokase River Film Meru Sasaki Coffee Shop, Nobeoka Nobeoka Sunrise Sunrise in Tsurugaoka Seihou High Yatogi Falls Filmed Encounters Happenings NIPPONHAM NIPPON HAM YOMIURI GIANTS BEAMS SHIMBUN-MIYANICHI-MIYAZAKI NORHOME-ACCORDIA-GOLF-LADIES SHIMBUN-MIYANICHI-MIYAZAKI Eikaiwa Link  Study Japanese Here in Nobeoka, Miyazaki, Japan with Howard Ahner Tel: 0982-34-5666 Poason Restaurant in Nobeoka Cool-Wooden-Horses-in-Nobeoka-Miyazaki-Kyushu-Japan.MOV Rub-the-Tummy-of-Long-Earlobed-Chubby-Man-in-Nobeoka-Miyazaki-Kyushu-Japan.MOV Ramen-Gyoza-Delivery-Yamaha-50cc-Bike-in-Nobeoka-Miyazaki-Kyushu-Japan.MOV Two-Monkeyed-Manhole-of-Nobeoka-City-Japan.MOV Wanted-Man-in-Nobeoka-Japan-Call-the-police-if-you-see-him.MOV Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo-and-Execution-Grounds-in-Nobeoka-Miyazaki-Kyushu-Japan.MOV Kawashima-Youchien-Nobeoka-March-16-2008-with-Hoawrd-Ahner-and-Graduating-Class English Teachers in Nobeoka, Miyazaki, Japan Study material for Ahner Eikaiwa March 17, 2008 at 7:30pm in Tsurugaoka, Nobeoka Heisei Graduation March 15, 2008 Whitey-Ahner-makes-a-Friend-at-Nagahama-Beach-in-Nobeoka Howard-Ahner-Whistles-in-Japan April-18-19-and-20-Festival-in-Nobeoka Karuta-Game-in-Tsurugaoka-Nobeoka-Japan Study Material for Ahner English School in Nobeoka for March 12, 2008 Study Material - Ahner Eikaiwa, Nobeoka for March 11, 2008 Study Material For Adults - March 10, 2008 Mukabaki, Nobeoka Kitakata-Nobeoka-Tohmi-Kawashima-Kitaura-Urashiro-Kadogawa Alien in Kami Igata, Nobeoka Idekita, Nobeoka Miyazaki Ken Byouin, Brass Band Members of the old Santa Ana Community Center of the early 1980's from Nobeoka.

Nobeoka Letter to the Brothers Letter to Priest Nichiro in Prison Letter to Shomitsu-bo Letter to Niike Letter to Myomitsu Shonin Letter to Nakaoki Nyudo Letter to Nichimyo Shonin Letter to the Priests of Seicho-ji New Year's Gosho No Safety in the Threefold World On Attaining Buddha hood On Filial and Unfilial Conduct On Flowers and Seeds On Itai Doshin On Omens kyushu-teraoka linkclub akm-nobeoka Map-of-Nobeoka Marunouichi-Nobeoka Matsuyama-Cho-Nobeoka memo lead lqhs MERIEGES-NoBeOkA Minami-Nobeoka miyazaki-cci Photo Link Hinokage Clubhouse - Only 900,000 Yen This Old Turtle Tomomi Came Back to Watch the Heisei Undoukai She was a good student at Kobato Jidoukan - Shibuya Okatomi Tennis Courts - No Longer Exist Here's Proof that I once played wall-tennis in Kami Igata Cho, Nobeoka. I once walked on these tennis courts in Tohmi, Nobeoka. They belong to Asahi Kasei. Wow! I started working at Zaikouji Youchien in Hyuga in 1991. My High School Picture, Senior Year 1970 La Quinta High Best Twins - Japan Wildomar-Buena-Park-Texas Pumpkin Party Saigo Nobeoka's Wedding 1990 Patrick Came to Nobeoka Matsuyama Cho Nobeoka English at the Community Center about 1993 Good Times with Izumi Downing Some Tall Ones with Jim and Bob Suzuki - California 1994 or so... Top Right Man - La Quinta High Junior He Graduated - Fort Gordon Military Police School - 1973 Ocean Dome, Miyazaki 1994 or So... Kawaminami Library As Such 301 N. Bewley Meeting A Kadogawa View Videos Made March 30, 2008 - Howard Ahner Jim Suzuki Took Me Golfing Again Nobeoka Hanami My Daughter's Second Day Alive This is the only public basketball court in the city of Nobeoka Close Friends The Link English and Japanese Readings on the Internet - Learn to speak English or Japanese For Free! Aeon Jusco Point Card Lounge in Nobeoka - 2008 The Ahner Garden in Tsurugaoka, Nobeoka. Keiko Ahner is preparing for another show in Miyazaki. February, 2008. How can you keep the birds from dropping on the art outside of your building? Goto-Satou-Santachi-Party-February-3-2008 in Tsurugaoka, Nobeoka Howard Ahner's Art drawn in the Nobeoka Miyazaki Kenritsu Hospital - December 2007 The Ruts of Nagahama, Nobeoka Prevent Sea Turtles From Reaching the Shoreline Howard Ahner Goes Home From His Four Month Stay in the Hospital on January 25, 2008 (Friday) Howard Ahner's Four Month Stay in the Hospital A Foreigner Stays Four Months in a Japanese Hospital Japanese Nurses Help a Foreigner Recover in the Hospital Howard Ahner loses the pounds in the hospital. Father-In-Law Hikari Jidoukan Videos late 2007: Click on the pictures to see the videos. Nobeoka Off of Jusco Roof Heisei-Youchien - Sept-25-2007 Last Southern (Sazanpia) English Classes late 2007 City Link Contact Howard Ahner Super Smoke Hey, Kerry Dunne! Tenkin Ururun Hey! George! Newport Beach Bikes Other Pages Peaceful Days Typhoon Nabi and Rice Come on in! Undoukai Torisen Party September 2005 Nobeoka Scenes Nishishina Walk Fishermen Driving Mia's Drawing Mahou No Te of Nobeoka Hair Salon Megane No Good of Minami Nobeoka, Miyazaki Japan Run by Yuki Sasaki Nao and Rina Chie and Shibuya New California Trucks Bewley Street in Santa Ana, California Wendy's in Garden Grove, California Our Friend's Baby Heisei 2005 Koji Tanaka Yuuna-Mai-Kouta-Ayumi KOBATO Mami and Yuiri First Peare Ayumi-Kousuke-Kota-Ami Eigo Nobeoka Clicks Howard Ahner Says, Yahoo! Clo and Eleanor Mia Enters Pre-School Fritz Ahner Always By Our Side Wildomar Ahner's Home Lanai Alumni 301 N. Bewley St. Chris, Ed, Jennifer and Clo Ahner, California and Texas Akira Shigemura and Eleanor Ahner Clifford Blaine Ahner and Eleanor Akie Tamura Ahner Ed, Ed, Eleanor, Ed, Ed and Chester Ahner, Clifford Blaine Ahner's Cousin Granite City, Ellen Watanabe, Ed, Eleanor, Howard, Illinois 1956 or So? Ed, Ed, Ed, and June Chartrand, Granite City, Illinois about 1955 Ed Ahner and Sailor Cap, Tricycle, Playing in Granite City Christopher, Jennifer, Clarice and Ed Ahner Bewley Street Kitchen, Santa Ana, California with Howard and Eleanor Ahner Thelma Tsurue Kutsunai, Eleanor Akie Ahner's Sister Jenn, Aaron, Kayako, Bobbi in Nobeoka, Japan Past Events Others Links: Howard Ahner's Art Work Eleanor Akie Ahner Keiko Ahner's Art Show in Santa Ana, California Heather Salzman as an Infant The Last Detail at 301 N. Bewley St., Santa Ana, California 92703 Nobeoka Slice of Life Earthly Desires Are Enlightenment in Nobeoka, Japan The-Unity-of-Husband-and-Wife in Nobeoka, Japan The-Real-Aspect -of-the-Gohonzon in Nobeoka, Japan

The-Problem-to- Be-Pondered-Nig ht-and-Day in Nobeoka, Japan On-Filial-and- unfilial-Conduct in Nobeoka, Japan On-Attaining-Buddahood Reaching Out to the California Shoreline From Nobeoka, Japan Howard Hoofs it in Nobeoka! Nobeoka Champions Miruku Houikuen in Nobeoka, Miyazaki (English) Nobeoka Smiles Ami Totoro Band Whitey Digs It Whitey and Totoro Beach are are a good match. The Smoking Back roads of Nobeoka, Miyazaki Enter Kami Igata At Your Own Risk in Nobeoka, Miyazaki Display your art on the second floor of the Nobeoka Library, Culture Plaza. Whitey Walks in Kami Igata on the Igai River Some boys carved this. It's located under the Igata-Minamai Nobeoka Bypass bridge. Garbage Trucks and the workers of Nobeoka. The Old Kadogawa Big Bang Location What is the best looking house that you have seen in Miyazaki? Miina and Yuina, Miruku Houikuen Kobato Jidoukan Nobeoka Kobato Jidoukan Nobeoka Kobato Jidoukan Nobeoka Kobato Jidoukan Nobeoka Kobato Jidoukan Nobeoka Kobato Jidoukan Nobeoka Did Mr. Shigetooshi Ichimiya wrote about the History of Nobeoka? How beautiful is the Nobeoka coastline? What's it like to drive on the Nobeoka Line? Megane No Good (Eyewear in Nobeoka) Where can I see some more of Keiko Ahner's paintings? Heisei Youchien Kawaminami Mia and Dad near Kijou, Miyazaki Where is that girl that is holding a large fish? hat does the vegetation look like in the Fuji area in December? Have you ever seen Fuji Mountain up close? Where are my ears? Heisei Undoukai in Kawaminami Cho, Miyazaki Ken, Japan What does Whitey enjoy most on the beach? Nobeoka Nobeoka Nobeoka Nobeoka Kitaura, Nobeoka Nice Students First Class with Howard Ahner Howard Ahner's Home Town Hikari Group Bamba Taiko, Nobeoka Kitaura Jidoukan Bamba Odori - 2006 Howard Ahner "Paint" Whitey Beach Ahner An Elephant Swims Jinbei English Links New Friends 1993 Heisei Youchien Yuki Sawada Undoukai Rehearsal There's Rika Sensei and Rie Sensei. (the early 90's) Yuuya's Hands Strong Little Chairs Shoe Rack Megumi Sensei Shoko Sensei SLIME Nanako Tadpoles Ms. Manaka Takase Megumi Sensei Miki 2006 Graduates. Bowing Seina Stilts Saeri Shoko Sensei Working Rehearsal Terumasa Reina Flowers School is Out! Last Hurah ! Howard and Megumi Sensei Nao and Rina Heisei Gathering Saeri and Momoka Shibuya All Heisei Heisei Crowd Nobeoka Dreaming English Classes Nagahama Surfers in Nobeoka, April 8, 2007 - Ahner Eikaiwa Tel: 0982-34-5666 More Nagahama Surfers Even More Nagahama Surfers Midorigaoka Nagahama Beaches and Surfing in Nobeoka Nobeoka English Teacher Ahner Keiko Paints Painted by Keiko Ahner Keiko's Blue English Speaking Man in Nobeoka Blue-Yellow Keiko Ahner Keiko Ahner's Life White Stuff in Nobeoka Ed and Clo's Igata Sho Nobeoka Kadogawa Bridge Statue Saigo Takamori Nobeoka "I've seen fire, and I've seen rain." Saigo Points Takamori How to get around Saigo Takamori... Signed Takamori Saigo Takamori Was Stoned Nobehood Our Parks in Nobeoka Hitotsugaoka Park How big was this snake? Going into the pits... At least we can make our shadow. Oceanside Near Kitaura, Miyazaki Nobeoka Military Police, Man! Nobeoka English Sazanpia-Nobeoka-Study-English-with-Howard-Ahner Nobeoka Reading Metal Detecting in Nobeoka Ayu in Nobeoka Californians in Nobeoka Popping-Pods of Nobeoka by Howard Ahner Yellow Ball TAKANABE MUSEUM Sunrise in Tsurugaoka, Nobeoka Gokase River Talk Nobeoka Shadow Man Sunrise Over Nagahama, Nobeoka Whitey Ahner Almost Died Best Train Station in Nobeoka Best Yatogi Falls in Kawaminami, Miyazaki Ken, Japan An English Teacher in Kadogawa Has a New Look

Palm Tree: Study English in Nobeoka Tel: 0982-34-5666 Teaching English in Tsurugaoka, Nobeoka, Japan Nobeoka Shoreline Sazanpia - Nobeoka Nobeoka Kids English Pronunciation Hososhima Drive Mieko's Jokes The Best Junk Mimitsu Burritos Retirement Nobeoka Cigs Coin Laundry Mirror Guy Nobeoka Friendship English Classes English Classes 3D-three-dimension-Loc-Town-Hyuga AI.Denka-Harada-Toshiba-Kadogawa AUTOWERKSTATT-KUBO-Kadogawa Baskin-31-Robbins-Loc-Town-Hyuga Chirochiro-Kadogawa Friends Nagahama Stroll "We had some good times at Pian Piano. The service was designed to be slow, I think." "I was a gate guard at Fort Richardson, Alaska in 1973. One of our squad offered me a cigar." "I went to Hiroshima for a few days. George Stapchuk Jr. showed me around." "We almost bought this house. It's made of concrete with iron reinforced walls." Actually, there is a slim possibility that we may still buy this house. The taxes are about $1600/Yr. Hiottoko (Fire Men) used bamboo poles to blow on their fires. At Kobato Nursery School, only the students that want to study English are allowed to join my class. The girl with the long hair cut her hair a few weeks back. She soon started to grow it back. The next big typhoon might wipe Nobeoka off the map. I am continuing to collect jokes from some of my students. The whole experience of going on Tozan was, as usual, a joyous experience. I tried to give them some ideas on Halloween, but I fear that they will not stick. Here are some notes that I took from my English classes. Everyone chipped in to make this year's event really something. I enjoyed every aspect of it. Their memories of this event will probably remain with them for their entire lifetimes. There are so many activities going on at Kobato Jidoukan on any given day of the week. Well, they are learning something at Kobato Jidoukan in Nobeoka City. We were married July 15th, 1990. We're still getting to know each other at Igata Community Center. You can come to my house in Kami Igata on Wednesday nights if you want to study English. I wonder how Miku is these days. "Yes, I've seen the Muffin Man, the Muffin Man, the Muffin Man." And, I wonder how Yurina and Chika are these days. Those were good times on top of Shiroyama mountain with the Asahi Kasei guys. The Brass Band Nobeoka Westward and Southwestward children Learn English Watts-Going-On.AVI Keiko Ahner's Best Peanuts (According to Howard) Keeiko Ahner's New Art - September 2007 Rain-Taste-in-Nobeoka-September-4-2007.MOV Shiggy's - Painted by Keiko Ahner Not As Confused... China Town Nobeoka Nagahama Jungle in Nobeoka Beach Nagahama Pounce On Nagahama Drawings Breaking News! Videos Nagahama Beach, Nobeoka Nobeoka Moons More and More Nagahama Beach in Nobeoka Clean Nagahama Beach, Nobeoka American Influence on Nobeoka AVI Frequent Memories Nobeoka English English Classes You better watch out. There's a "bad boy" coming through Nobeoka, Japan! US Constitution Let's Be Careful With Fire He Can Pose, Can't He? 301 N. Bewley St., Santa Ana, California August 13, 2007 Some topics for discussions for Monday, August 13, 2007 - Ahner Eikaiwa, Nobeoka August 1st, 2007 Study Material - Nobeoka Eikaiwa Cannibal, Man-Eater, Savage, Joke by Nakashima Takao "We should not be afraid of our government, our government should be afraid of us." "Only when all who surround you are different, will you truly belong." "If you are obvious, your chances of being eaten increase." "Build it, and they will come." ? "Post it, and they will build it." I say... Provide Comfort For Others? Free Bench, Access to an Air Pump, an Umbrella, a Hat, some Books, Water Forward Nobeoka Nice Students First Class English Artist in Nobeoka Classic English in Nobeoka June Chartrand Drawn to Nobeoka Planning Resides in US Let's Not Waste Resources Skeptics Can Be Deadly To You Paranormal Life in Japan Word Definitions Change on an International Basis Old Yamashita Douri, Nobeoka How to Survive (ikinuku) Natsubate Typhoon GoGo, August 2, 2007 - Nobeoka The First Cut is the Deepest Remember the Sunrise Out of My Window? Well, Here's a Typhoon Out of My Window Baker Street Friends What Communication Should Be The people of Kami Igata grow up The Changing Faces of Howard Ahner in Nobeoka Meeting My Students Around Town Brother-in-law The Group on Atago Yama Home Again, Home Again Greetings at Hitotsugaoka Festival If I Ever Need a Hair Cut Once Upon a Time in Igata Pink Petals Falling Into Our Teacups Gather Round! Mates! Gather Round !! Students Excel in Other Areas Ai of Igata Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes! Always High in Spirits Baby is Pawed by a Monkey Grandfather and Granddaughter A Good Swimmer

She kind of recognized me at McDonald's in August, 2007. But, it's been years. Saturday Morning English Class For Children Howard Ahner Wants You! A Little Keiko Art The Old Animal Collection House Nobeoka Nobeoka Nobeoka Howard, the gardener and skateboarder, a long time ago... Richard and Greg Ed and Clo's Arbor Camping with Richard More Ahner's Ed's Cars and Garage Baby Mia Norman Tamura Using Spark Plugs as Weights on the Beach in Southern California Miyazaki Speech Contest Winners 2008 Howard Ahner at 19 years old. Eikaiwa in Nobeoka Kawashima Youchien in Kawashima Town, Nobeoka Has the Best Kids in Town! The Ogura Restaurant in Idekita Town, Nobeoka is the best restaurant in Nobeoka City! Curing Karmic Disease Establishment of the Legitimate Teaching for the Protection of the Country General Stone Tiger Good Fortune in This Life Great Evil and Great Good Happiness In This World Hell is the Land of Tranquil Light Heritage of the Ultimate Law of Life Link Hyuga City Kadogawa Back Bay Fishing in Kadogawa Kadogawa Beach Hidden Behind the Culture Center Let's Swim Out to Otojima Island from North Kadogawa Which island is it, anyway? I live in Nobeoka. Industry can work with the people to clean up unwanted waste and make our water and air clean. Welcome to shinny new Nobeoka. Howard Ahner's Clubhouse Hososhima Port Factory Rust in Hyuga - Hososhima Area Discarded Boat in Kadogawa Kadogawa Inlet April Videos of Hyuga and Nobeoka from Howard Ahner Wednesday Class Material April 9 2008 "I shall be very, very puzzled." Good Stuff. aSaHi kAsEi NoBeOkA Marie Pasokon and Music in Nobeoka Nobeoka Park Cherry Blossoms are in Full Bloom April 3, 2008 Gasoline Stand Nobeoka Seminar Plaza Nobeoka New Ose River Bridge in Nobeoka Flow Nobeoka Snack Especially Mansion in Nobeoka Green Snack or Green (Bar) in Nobeoka Cocoretta, Nobeoka Nobeoka Fruit Stand Nobeoka Business Hotel Manju in Nobeoka Ramen in Nobeoka Howard Ahner's English Classes Torinoza Nobeoka UFO Nobeoka Big Mart Music Store in Nobeoka near Enomoto Apartments and Bronze Snack Nobeoka KuruKuru Nobeoka Enomoto House Apartments Mansions ETC in Nobeoka Jusco Front Door - Nobeoka JA Nobeoka Japan Agriculture Nobeoka Maybe Bun in Nobeoka Biliopancreatic Diversion A-PRICE Nobeoka Miyazaki Bank in Nobeoka Keiko-Ahner-March-2008 OM Solar House in Nobeoka Yamaguchi Mineral Water in Nobeoka Wai Wai Television TNN Nobeoka Asahi Kasei Nobeoka Takachiho Nishishina Nobeoka Mukabaki Miyazaki Ken Kadogawa Idekita Nobeoka Hyuga Hyuga Shi Hyuga City Nobeoka Companies Nobeoka Link Dear , English Lessons in Nobeoka English Conversation - Nobeoka News Angelfire Homepages Some Links All of My Videos: Movies Friends We're having fun as usual at Peare, Nobeoka. August Keiko Ahner Here's some work that Keiko Ahner did in Wildomar, California in March and April, 2006 Our Precious Daughter Daughter and Father Fractus News House Painting Ketchup Blue Sky Recent Stuff Keiko-Ahner-November-2005-Nobeoka-Japan-1 Keiko-Ahner-November-2005-Nobeoka-Japan-2 Watashi No Kokoro Ni Hairemasu Ka Enzo Painted Forest Culture Plaza 2nd Floor Nobeoka Free Space Pizza Squares You're Leaning. Papillion, Freeze! Bus Noriba Dance With Nobeoka Shiroari Painted Howard English English Classes in Nobeoka Friends Miracle on Nobeoka Street White House in Nobeoka Mimitsu Nobeoka Sunshine Paradise! Miyazaki! I heard that Nobeoka is moving south. Show me a Mikoshi. How is everyone at Bronze, Nobeoka? How are Japanese homes built? How do some Japanese scare away crows? I was in the Army at Fort Ord, California in 1972. How about you? We're all rusty at one time or another. How should we practice? Will you ever ship out of Nobeoka? This way, men! (Where have I heard that before?) Are you sure this is a love hotel? This building was torn down in 2005. Are you kidding? Somehow, my memory is a little clouded. Is this really a chapel? Let's Smoke 'Em! Someone is not civic minded. Who could put up with this much longer? Heavy smokers of Nobeoka He doesn't know it yet, but he has magical hands. Hot Baskets Meet my stinking neighbors. These people are extraordinary. Whitey likes sugarcane, satoukibi. Kawaminami Father Toyoto Corona Miruku Houikuen Sisters

Detecting: Study English in Nobeoka Tel: 0982-34-5666 Panoramic: Study English in Nobeoka Tel: 0982-34-5666 A Rainy Nobeoka: Study English in Nobeoka Tel: 0982-34-5666 Peare 9:30 AM Saturday 9:30 AM Yellow Ball: Study English in Nobeoka Tel: 0982-34-5666 Nobeoka Land: Study English in Nobeoka Tel: 0982-34-5666 On Seiun Bridge A Beautiful Part of Nobeoka Rest Stop Whitey Nears Pristine Wall in Nobeoka Serufu Sabisu Gion Town, Nobeoka Nobeoker Gardener Hoodwinked in Nobeoka Whitey looks in. Whitey is headed south. I got my first peek at a skyline. I got my health checked. When does Kadogawa Library open? Where can I view some useless wood? English Teachers in Nobeoka - ETN Teachers in Nobeoka School Teachers Wanted Nobeoka, Japan Classroom English Teachers in Nobeoka, Japan Assistant Language Teachers - ALT Nobeoka Megane No Good - Minami Nobeoka Nobeoka Kobato After School Dennis Freyer Darlene King Alan-Vancampen-was-our-RSG-leader-in-the-late-1970--at-Santa-Ana-HQ-Howard-Ahner-is-in-Japan Alicia-Avila-treated-everyone-with-respect-at-La-Quinta-High-Westminster Allen-Graham-played-trumpet-in-the-brass-band-at-santa-ana-headquarters-with-Howard-Ahner Blaine-Calder-was-home-run-king-for-Little-League-Santa-Ana-California-at-Calva-Dairy Candi-Brennan-went-to-all-the-basketball-games-La-Quinta-High-Westminster Carolyn-Clark-was-a-member-of-my-church-on-New hope-Street-in-Santa-Ana-once-upon-a-time Charmaine-Courdy-sat-next-to-me-in-Robert-Brandt'-English-class-as-a-sophomores-at-La-Quinta-High Darlene-King-was-my-business-machine-sales-instructor-at-Canon-USA Santa-Ana Dennis-Freyer-LAHR-Basketball-Team-Guard and he was nice to everyone. New English Classes in Nobeoka Remember Me? You're Drafted, Buddy (Howard Ahner 1972) Hikari Jidoukan, Kitaura, Nobeoka Kawashima 2006 Undoukai, Nobeoka (Sports Festival) My Way to Oita, Howard Ahner The fire departments of Nobeoka are standing and ready! Tea Ceremony - Kobato Jidoukan, Nobeoka Mahou No Te, Nobeoka, Hair Design Keiko Ahner' Peanuts, October 3, 2006 Max Tozan September 29 and 30, 2006 - Departure Tozan September 29 and 30, 2006 - ARRIVAL at Taisekiji Tozan September 29 and 30, 2006 - Going to see the Dai Gohonzon Tozan September 29 and 30, 2006 - Going Home Tohmi, Nobeoka Sunset September 28, 2006 We lived in Kami Igata for over 12 years! Keiko Ahner' Recent (September 28, 2006) Nobeoka More Envelopes, Please. This is our house now. Often Smoked Out in Kami Igata Cho, Nobeoka Heisei Now Kawaminami! Bunka Nobeoka! The-Nobeoka-Ocean-Cleans.AVI Tsurugaoka-Sunset-June-10-2007.AVI Throw-My-Ticket-in-The-Nobeoka-Wind.AVI Cute-Nobeoka-Beach-Nagahama-With-Shadows.AVI Howard Ahner' Art Work Letter to Misawa Alan-Minamide-borrowed-my-helmet-La-Quinta-High-School-Westminster-1970-Class Gail-Snailum-O. A. Peters-classmate-of-mine-La-Quinta-High-School-Westminster-1970-Class Fred-Soria-Good-Friend-of-Mine-La-Quinta-High-School-Westminster-1970-Class Ed-Kociela-did-the-school-newspaper-La-Quinta-High-School-Westminster-1970-Class Dixie-Woodman-O. A. Peters-classmate-with-Mr.Bawker-La-Quinta-High-School-Westminster-1970-Class Deborah-Pekala-we-drove-down-her-street-La-Quinta-High-School-Westminster-1970-Class David-Miner--La-Quinta-High-School-Westminster-1970-Class Carole-Jackson-La-Quinta-High-School-Westminster-1970-Class Brian-Seleno-JV-Basketball-La-Quinta-High-School-Westminster-1970-Class Bob-Langsdorf-left-fielder--La-Quinta-High-School-Westminster-1970-Class New English Classes in Nobeoka Opened Study English With Howard Ahner in Nobeoka: Tel: 0982-34-5666 Keiko Ahner' Art - March 28, 2008 Flowers-in-Nobeoka - March 28, 2008 King Kong

Oranges in Nobeoka Nobeoka Trees Still Farming After All These Years Howard Ahner, March 28, 2008 Nobeoka Signs Nice-Place-to-Come-Home To Trash Man's House Drive-South-Through-Nobeoka "Peek A Boo" by Howard Ahner Howard Ahner Slimmed Up Maybe some of you will notice the changes in Nobeoka Last Sazanpia Class on March 22, 2008 Individualists-in-Japan.MOV Subtle-Japanese-Performance.MOV Pure-Japanese-Band.MOV Disneyland-Wana-Goers-Finale.MOV Mission-Impossible-Jazzy-Finale.MOV Mission-Impossible-in-Japan.MOV Study material for Ahner Eikaiwa in Nobeoka for March 22, 2008 at Joyfull Restaurant in Hyuga, Japan How will we remember all of their names? Ed and Clarice Ahner Taught English at Midorigaoka Elementary in Nobeoka, Miyazaki, Japan in 3/2008 We-are-all-the-same-in-Nobeoka.MOV Where-is-my-edge-in-Nobeoka.MOV How-could-it-not-be-the-same-for-all-of-us-in-Nobeoka-Japan. There is always someone who will give a shit. So, we are what we see. Maybe, I should ignore everyone... People are Dying Once in a while Meeting-more-and-more-people-in-Nobeoka-is-fine.MOV Stir-up-the-mix-in-Nobeoka-Japan.MOV There-is-a-natural-flow-of-ideas-and-thoughts-in-Nobeoka-Japan.MOV We-are-concerned-about-content-in-Nobeoka-Japan.MOV We-want-to-appreciate-our-own-work-in-Nobeoka-Japan.MOV She-is-not-a-very-good-stalker-in-Nobeoka-Japan.MOV Hara-Odori-haraodori.jpg Nagahama Beach in Nobeoka on March 19, 2008, a rainy day... Tim Andrews, Westminster, California Fred Soria of Westminster, California La Quinta Aztecs 1970 On Persecutions Befalling the Buddha On the Treasure Tower Questions and Answers on Embracing the Lotus Sutra Repaying Debts of Gratitude Reply to Jibu-bo Reply to Lord Matsuno Reply to Takahashi Nyudo New English Classes in Midorigaoka, Nobeoka Heisei Nyuuenshiki Speech April 11, 2008 New Mukabaki English Classes Offered
Tsuno Things by Howard Ahner Tsuno Things by Howard Ahner II Looking-For-an-America-in-Nobeoka-Japan-by-Howard-Ahner.MOV Igata-Cho-in-Nobeoka-Miyazaki-Japan-by-Howard-Ahner-English Japanese-and-English-by-Howard-Ahner-English-Teacher-in-Nobeoka Katsu-Kare-and-Mini-Udon-in-Hyuga.MOV Where-the-First-Emperor-of-Japan-Departed-to-Kyoto-by-Howard Tsuno-is-Substantial-by-Howard-Ahner-Tel-0982-34-5666-Nobeoka English Teacher First Emperor Departed From Here to Kyoto a Long Time Ago, they say, anyway. Bambi Nobeoka
Nobeoka-Police-Box-Being-Eliminated-by-Howard-Ahner.JPG Daiei-Nobeoka-Being-Eliminated-by-Howard-Ahner.JPG
Bronze-Nobeoka-Snack-March-2-2008-by-Howard-Ahner.JPG Nishishina-Tennis-Courts-Missed-Action-by-Howard-Ahner.AVI Nobeoka-Golden-Games-by-Howard-Ahner.AVI Funniest Home Videos Higashi-High-School-in-Nobeoka-by-Howard-Ahner.MOV Kangou-Gakkou-of-Nobeoka-School-for-Nurses-Torn-Down-by-Howard-Ahner.MOV
Nobeoka-Jail-by-Howard-Ahner.MOV Onuki-Town-Nobeoka-by-Howard-Ahner.MOV Police-Station-in-Nobeoka-Torn-Down-by-Howrad-Ahner.MOV Yukan-Daily-of-Nobeoka-by-Howard-Ahner.MOV Nishishina Tennis in Nobeoka March 2, 2008 by Howard Ahner Nobeoka Fishing by Howard Ahner Nobeoka Sunrise, Japan by Howard Ahner English Teacher in Nobeoka: Tel-0982-34-5666 Mejiro (White Eyed Birds) in Tsurugaoka, Nobeoka, Miyazaki. Filmed by Howard Ahner Feb 20, 2008 Nagahama Clubhouse, Nobeoka - Burned Down - February 2008 by Howard Ahner Route Ten, Nobeoka, Miyazaki, Japan by Howard Ahner Mejiro in Tsurugaoka, Nobeoka by Howard Ahner The Faces of Howard Ahner in Nobeoka, Miyazaki, Japan - February, 2008 Totoro, Kitaura, Nobeoka (Bus Stop?) by Howard Ahner
Teaching English in Japan Using Pictures by Howard Ahner (Free) Hikari Jidoukan, February, 2008 by Howard Ahner
A Tunnel in Kitaura, Nobeoka by Howard Ahner Kitaura, Nobeoka Smoke by Howard Ahner A New Road in Kitaura, Nobeoka! by Howard Ahner Whitey Ahner Likes to Hug by Howard Ahner Teaching in Tsurugaoka, Nobeoka Using Pictures and Video by Howard Ahner Hikari Kitaura Drive, Nobeoka by Howard Ahner It's the "Dry" season in Kitaura, Nobeoka during February by Howard Ahner Fun Things To Do - Nobeoka by Howard Ahner How Those Initially Aspiring to the Way Can Attain Buddhahood Through the Lotus Sutra Jozo and Jogen King Rinda Lessening the Karmic Retribution Letter from Echi Letter from Sado Letter of Petition from Yorimoto Some of my favorites by Howard

Ahner Some of my favorites 2 by Howard Ahner Some of my favorites 3 by Howard Ahner Call me for information on my new English class in Nobeoka. Monday 5:00 pm - My Home: For Children 6 to 11 years, 1-26-11 Tsurugaoka, Nobeoka Monday 7:30 pm - My Home: For Adults - 1-26-11 Tsurugaoka, Nobeoka Tuesday 9:30 am - Kawaminami Cho - Heisei Youchien Wednesday 4:30 pm My Home: For Children 3-7 years, 1-26-11 Tsurugaoka, Nobeoka
Wednesday 5:30 pm My Home: For Children 1-26-11 Tsurugaoka, Nobeoka Wednesday 8:30 pm My Home: For Adults 1-26-11 Tsurugaoka, Nobeoka Thursday 10:00 am Zaikouji Youchien, Hyuga Thursday 3:30 pm Hikari Jidoukan, Kitaura Thursday 6:00 pm Sazanpia: For Children 10-15 years, Minami Nobeoka Thursday 7:30 pm My Home: For Children 12 to 15 years, 1-26-11 Tsurugaoka, Nobeoka Thursday 8:00 pm My Home: For High School 1-26-11 Tsurugaoka, Nobeoka Friday 4:00 pm Kobato Jidoukan, Nobeoka Friday 5:00 pm My Home: For Jr. High: 12-16 years, 1-26-11 Tsurugaoka, Nobeoka Friday 6:30 pm My Home: For Children 6-12 years, 1-26-11 Tsurugaoka, Nobeoka
Friday 7:30 pm My Home: For Junior High Level 1-26-11 Tsurugaoka, Nobeoka Saturday 9:30 pm Sazanpia, Minami Nobeoka For Children: 5 to 12 years old Saturday 10:40 am Sazanpia, Minami Nobeoka, For Children: 9-15 years old
Saturday 1:30 pm Joyfuoll Restaurant, Hyuga For Adults-Advanced Saturday 2:30 pm Joyfull Restaurant, Hyuga For Adults: Beginners Fuso-Bus in Totoro, Nobeoka Junk Yard, Japan Asahigaoka-Park-and-Ocean-View Japanese Submarine Hideout in Taina Cho, Nobeoka His was just beginning to change in Nobeoka. English Class in Nobeoka on Wednesday Nights at 8:30 pm Tel: 0982-34-5666 or Monday April 14, 2008 7:30-9:00 pm English Class Tel: 0982-34-5666 Happier Days on Nagahama Beach, Nobeoka What did Howard Ahner look like when he arrived in Nobeoka in 1989? Howard Ahner DOB: February 20, 1952 Remember Sone of 2004 Nobeoka Skies
Shaven Ahner Up With Nobeoka Sitting Snowman We Once Belonged Study English Nobeoka How MUCH English they know in Nobeoka! High School Age English Class in Nobeoka Nobeoka Classroom Children of Matsuyama Cho
The Early Days in Nobeoka In the California Desert Colorful T-shirts in Nobeoka Wakahage of Nobeoka Study Japanese Here in Nobeoka, Miyazaki, Japan with Howard Ahner Tel: 0982-34-5666 Nobeoka Nice Students First Class English Artist in Nobeoka Classic English in Nobeoka June Chartrand Drawn to Nobeoka Eleanor Akie Ahner
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